Nubia Z11’s camera impresses with its all-round performance

Nubia Z11 is flagship killer contender in every sense, including the photography capabilities. Powered by Sony’s IMX298 sensor, the 16-megapixel camera is fast and gets the focus on objects quickly. It is also one of the few phone cameras in this price point to offer optical image stabilisation for keeping your landscape shots and steady, while the electronic image stabiliser features do the same for your video recordings. The aperture size of f2.0 puts it at par with the camera of the OnePlus3T, technically.

The camera offers plenty of cool filters and multiple camera modes for users to play around with. Some of the interesting camera modes include macro, slow shutter, multi-exposure, star trail, time lapse, slow motion, Panorama and Pro Mode. The Pro Mode provides manual access to certain controls allowing users greater control over the camera. The Focus Lock feature helps lock focus on moving objects, while manual focus allows users to adjust the focus value in an image. This feature is rarely seen in smartphone cameras. You can also adjust the ISO level (up to 12,800), and the white balance to get better results.

The camera app looks a bit cluttered. Some of the modes are placed on the home screen itself, while some are within one of them.
Landscape: Day
The camera impresses with its picture quality under natural light. Most colours have been captured exactly as they are in reality. The amount of detailing it was able to muster in this shot is quite impressive. One can see the fine details in far off objects. The only area where the camera seems to be lacking is when it comes to lighting dark areas in the auto mode. This can be rectified with some effort in the pro mode by increasing the ISO levels.
Landscape: Low light

The camera once again impresses with its ability to pull detail. Even without zooming in, we could see the finer details in the top storeys clearly. The picture also looked noise-free without zooming in. Even the colour of the building and the green of the trees have been captured quite accurately.

Close-up: Day

In close-up shots, all the colours have been captured vividly. Even light colours look distinct. In this shot, petals look distinct from each other despite the fact that they are the same colour. The background has been blurred enough to enhance the presence of the object in focus.

Close-up: Low light

This is one of the few phone cameras in this range that holds its own under low light. In this shot, it impresses with its ability to capture details well. The focus looks widely spread and doesn’t struggle to get the focus on a larger portion. The intricate lines of the fried chicken and the colour have been captured well too.
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