Superior Front & Back Dual-Lens Camera

Camera functionality has always been one of nubia's core competencies. The Z17S’ front & back dual-cameras are the next evolution of smartphone photography. Use a series of smart camera functions on both the front & back dual-cameras for more creative and professional photography than ever before.

Portrait Mode on the front camera
supports real-time intelligent Depth of Field.

The Z17S’ dual front camera supports Portrait Mode's large aperture background blur function, providing richer quality images using the intelligent Depth of Field, thus ensuring a layered artistic selfie.

Beautified lighting selfie

F2.2 large aperture

Back Dual-Lens Camera 2x12MP + 23MP

The Z17S’ 2×12MP (24MP light sensing units) Dual Pixe primary camera can focus within 0.03S, which is 4 times faster than traditional focus mode. Enjoy less noise during night shooting with 3D noise reduction 2.0, earning the Z17S the title, “King of Night Shooting.” The Z17S also uses a full pixel dual-core focus function, focusing in just 0.03S which is 4 times faster than traditional methods.

F1.8 Large Aperture

Customised Depth of Field Core

6P Precise Optical Lens

Full Pixel Dual Core Focus

1.4μm Large Pixels

Dual tone flash

Outstanding performance while night shooting,
helping you see though the darkness.

Using a brighter f1.8 lens, combined with larger 1.4μm pixels, means the Z17S has a markedly improved ability to capture even the smallest amount of light, ensuring outstanding performance while night shooting. Combine this with powerful intelligent noise reduction software, and your night will shine bright.

F1.8 Large

1.4μm Pixels

Intelligent AI Portrait One shot to perfection

Portrait Mode includes an artificial intelligence algorithm that intelligently recognises portrait contours, while continuously optimising the background blur effect, thus making it easier to shoot to perfection.

Artificial Intelligence

Background Blur

Full Pixel Dual Core Focus

Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus sees 12MP simultaneously while cooperating in phase detection at a focus speed of 0.03s. Capture fast moving objects in low lighting environments on your way to collecting as many wonderful moments as you wish.

Real-time Background Blur

Unlike the capture then background blurring camera mode, portrait mode is able to handle real time background blur while previewing on screen.

- All New Upgrade

The Mono Camera is equipped with a black-and-white lens with an all-transparent MONO sensor, which allows 96.6% more light to enter the lens. Compared with using black-and-white filters that cover the original color photo, the Mono Camera ensures every detail is captured more accurately and the image is brighter, making black and white pictures come alive.

Macro Camera

Light Painting

Clone Camera


Larger Auto Focus Range & Faster Focus for more accurate real-t

3D noise reduction

The Z17S' advanced camera includes a new 3D noise reduction algorithm that limits noise during night shooting. Taking photos in low light is no longer an issue.

Z17S Normal