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Bezel-less & Full-Screen
Experience the ‘full’ view of the future

A pioneer, the Z17S is at the forefront of a new visual revolution. The phone’s display is more comprehensive than ever before, thanks to the perfect combination of full-screen design and bezel-less technology. By integrating a customised speaker and camera, the Z17S’ size has been reduced by 50%, enabling a screen ratio of 90.36%. Enjoy absolute clarity on a superior screen in the palm of your hand.

The Z17S’ full-screen and small body
enable the phone to rest comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The Z17S is designed with a 5.73 inch super vision screen atop a 5.2 inch hand grip. Get the magic touch while using the full-screen with just the swipe of your thump. Experience the multi-sensory enjoyment of a super vision screen in the palm of your hand.

Traditional Smartphone

Superior Front & Back Dual-Lens Cameras Take Selfies. Make Art.

Camera functionality has always been one of nubia's core competencies, bettering itself with every new device. The Z17S’ front & back dual-cameras are the next evolution of smartphone photography. Use a series of smart camera functions on both the front & back dual-cameras for more creative and professional photography than ever before.

Portrait Mode on the front camera
supports real-time intelligent Depth of Field.

The Z17S’ dual front camera supports Portrait Mode's large aperture background blur function, providing richer quality images using the intelligent Depth of Field, thus ensuring a layered artistic selfie.

Background Blur

Beautify in Real-Time

2 x 12MP + 23MP
Fast Focus & Night Shooting

The Z17S’ 2×12MP (24MP light sensing units) Dual Pixel primary camera can focus within 0.03S, which is 4 times faster than traditional focus mode. Enjoy less noise during night shooting with 3D noise reduction 2.0, earning the Z17S the title, "King of Night Shooting".

* Primary back camera consists of 2*12MP (24MP light sensing units); Secondary back camera camera consists of 23MP.

AI Portrait 2.0 Portrait Shooting Upgrade

Portrait Mode 2.0 now includes an artificial intelligence algorithm which employs countless training experiences that can intelligently recognise your facial contours. These include 3D intelligent face lift, pixel-level skin enhancement, intelligent skin colour brightening and other new functions, all helping you to become even more stunning.

- All New Upgrade

Clone Camera

(back camera supports)

Macro Camera

(back camera supports)

DNG Camera

(back camera supports)

Magnifier follows your finger movement and provides a more convenient macro preview. The peak focus line changes with the environment so you aren’t restricted by the the object's colour when finding a view.


Larger Focus Range & Faster Focus for more accurate real-time focusing.

Four-sided curved glass body that feels smooth to the touch.

Compared to a full metal body, glass is more dynamic. The eye-catching artistic design of the Z17S' four-side curved glass body is smooth and delicate to the touch.

Glare Glass Magical Optical Reaction

nubia partnered with leading global printing authority, Japan NISSHA, to incorporate a 'double indentation six layer foil process', creating a variety of colour overlays. The Z17S' body reacts to changes in lighting, resulting in a smooth colour gradient shine that portrays rich and colourful visual effects.

Snapdragon 835 + 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM Exceptional Performance

There’s power to the core underneath the Z17S’ stylistic appearance. The Z17S is equipped with an industry leading 8GB LPDDR4X of RAM to complement its Snapdragon 835 processor. The phone’s ROM uses advanced UFS2.1 technology, which is 3 times faster than the transmission speed of eMMC5.1, and the phone has a capacity of up to 128GB of external storage.

  • Snapdragon 835

  • 8GB

  • 128GB

  • UFS2.1

    Flash Memory Technology


Enjoy live-house soundquality straight from your phone.

The Z17S stereo output lets you to feel like you’re actually there. Experience the live-house sound effect.

Virtual Surround Sound


Bass Enhancement

Shut Screen Payment

The Z17S' shut screen payment function enables you to customise a one touch fingerprint for payments, so that you can directly access a WeChat or Alipay QR code by identifying your fingerprint, with no need to type on your phone. Payment is THAT fast and easy.

0.1S Screen Wakeup

Customised Fingerprint Scanner

Wet Fingerprint Scanner

WeChat/Alipay Payment



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