Background Blur
Natural Bokeh Effect

With the 13 MP dual-lens, the Background Blur mode can carry out real-time Depth of Field (DoF) calculation, blur the background, and highlight the subject, so as to create a natural bokeh effect. At the same time, you can also adjust the background blur, and preview the natural bokeh effect any time.

Time Shuttle Camera
Capture Dynamic Light Waves

Photos taken with the Time Shuttle Camera mode have a clear subject with the surrounds presenting a sense of radioactive flow, resulting in a strong visual impact that fosters an illusion of being in a time tunnel. Traditionally, only SLR cameras could capture such an effect, but now you can create this amazing effect with the Z17mini thanks to its dual cameras.

High-definition Mono Camera
Bring the Past to Life

The Mono Camera is equipped with a black-and-white lens with an all-transparent MONO sensor, which allows 96.6% more light to enter the lens. Compared with using black-and-white filters that cover the original color photo, the Mono Camera ensures every detail is captured more accurately and the image is brighter, making black and white pictures come alive.

3D Camera
3D Pictures

The 3D camera allows you to change the visual angle as you move the phone. It combines multi-view and dynamic features to create an interactive 3D motion picture. Turn the phone around to see the 3D effect or panoramic view from different perspectives, creating a refreshing visual experience.

Beautiful Bokeh With Refocus

Every one likes beautiful things. With the Z17mini, beautify your photos and edit them in the gallery on the go. The Z17mini boasts functions like smoothing your skin, enlarging your eyes, and facial shaping. Every function has multiple adjustment levels, ensuring you stay beautiful and charming every moment.

Beautify for Videos
Your Personal Make-Up Artist

nubia Z17mini's front camera beautifies your look in real-time as soon as you start your video call, making you feel beautiful anytime, anywhere.

Real-time Filters

The nubia Z17mini camera features a wide range of filters like Mucha, Fisheye, Film, LOMO and Miniature. The filters can be applied in real-time on screen as you take a picture or record a video. Shooting fun video clips is now much easier, without complicated post-processing.

Professional Mode
Enhance your Photography Skills

With the Professional mode you can adjust shutter speed, white balance, ISO and manual focus parameters, helping you tap into your talent as a photographer. The graphical UI enables you to easily capture amazing moments.

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