nubia N2

One charge for two days' use

5000mAh Large Battery | 16MP Beauty Selfie | Ultra-thin Metal Body

Say Goodbye to Daily Charging
with NeoPower

With NeoPower - nubia's technological solution for long battery life, nubia N2's 5000mAh large battery lasts 3.2 days of daily use. Exceptional system optimization, as well as nubia N2's low-power and high-performance hardware configuration ensure really long battery life.

Web browsing
HD videoes
Voice call

Note: the data above is based on tests condition in our laboratories, and may vary based on actual usage.

Mobile Photography Expert

The 13MP rear camera uses PDAF with 0.2 seconds quick snapshot, ensuring you never miss another shot. 3D noise reduction technology and low-light image enhancement. hand-held image stabilization technology, DSLR quality digital imaging. LTM regional color control, accurate color rendition. With beauty filter and smart fill light. The 16MP front camera helps you capture every detail of your beauty.

Rear Camera




Phase Detection


Precision Optical Lens




Noise Reduction


Anti Shake


Local Tone Mapping

Front Camera



Smart fill light

Low Light Environment


Brightness Enhancement


Extra-large capacity

4GB RAM easily handles mutitasking. With 64GB ROM you can simultaneously store: 5000 16MP photos + 1000 HQ music + 5h Full HD video… supports 128GB Micro SD, large capacity, free storage.



128G Micro SD

Octa-core 64-bit CPU

Powerful and Cool

The powerful performance of the MTK octa-core 64-bit A53 architecture processor, ensures graphic-intensive 3D games respond exceptionally well. Based on the type and level of task, the processor can intelligently deploy CPU and GPU, to reduce unnecessary core work, reduce power consumption and bid farewell to heating.

Curved metal body design

Fits comfortably in your hand

When you pick up the N2 for the first time, you are impressed by its smooth texture. N2 uses aerospace-grade aluminum, and adopts nubiArc's special curved design so that it fits snugly on your hand. After thousands of tests and improvements, N2's finally polished curves fit perfectly in your hand. The exquisite rounded metal back cover is a fusion of quality and class.

Superfast Fingerprint Recognition

Stay one step ahead of others with the preset solid-state fingerprint module and 0.2 seconds quick unlock. Also supports fingerprint screen lock, app encryption and other functions, opening a new interactive model.

5.5" HD OLED screen

Vibrant life-like images

The 5.5" HD OLED screen brings high brightness display effect. A totally different experience while watching videos and playing games. High-definition display, clear and amazing image details, pleasing to the eye.

Hand-held Electronic Aperture

A True Breakthrough in Mobile Photography

Nubia's electronic aperture adds hand-held image stabilization technology, freeing you from the fear of shaky hands during a long exposure shot, and lets you take masterclass pictures with your smartphone. The pictures are DSLR quality, bright with beautiful colors and full of sense of space. The Handheld Electronic Aperture takes mobilephone photography to new heights.

Real-time filter

Easily add creativity to your photos

The nubia N2 rear camera is equipped with a variety of special effects filters - Mucha, Fisheye, Film, Miniature and many more, letting you take fresh and exciting photos. What's more, you can see the filter effect in real time before you take your snapshot to get the best photo. Select the one you love, and press the shutter.

Super Screenshot

A Camera Inside Your Screen

·Automatic cross-window long screenshot makes sharing more convenient.
·Make sure your screenshots get noticed with rectangular, oval and heart-shaped screenshots. Or use your finger to hand-draw unique shapes or add fun graffiti to the screenshot.
·Record videos of the operations you perform on screen and generate 720P/480P video clips for easy uploading and sharing.

Press the power button and the volume down button at the same time, and you can start the smart screen capture function; choose among long screenshot, free screenshot and screen recording.

Long Screenshot

Free Snapshot

Screen Recording

Split the Screen Anyway You Like

You can quickly and conveniently split the screen into two by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. The screen will be split into the upper and lower sections in portrait mode, and into left and right sections in landscape mode.

Dual Sim Dual Standby Coverage

DSDS supports dual SIM card blind placement, simply customize which card you want to dial or use data from in Settings.

1. Choose 2 from 3 card slots, supports Nano-SIM card + Nano-SIM card or Nano-SIM card + Micro-SD extended memory card.
2. When utilizing two Nano-SIM cards, any card slot can be set as the main card; when one card is being used for data services connecting to the Internet, the other can only be used for voice calls.
3. Availability of this service requires support from local service providers.

Nubia UI 4.0, N2 Custom Edition

Smart colors,Immersive design

The nubia UI finds a balance between flatness and depth. Bright colors and smart interaction are like a breath of fresh air. Comprehensive system optimization makes nubia UI smoother than ever.