Own Your Style

The nubia M2 embodies the balance of the M series with a round, tenacious design.

Style and Substance

The M2's round edged, compact body, just 7.0mm thick is encased in tough, dual-diamond cut metal frame. The metal unibody and rounded 2.5D glass look delicate, but made of 95.6% alumnium alloy and Corning Gorilla Glass, finished with a protective ceramic spray, it provides rugged security for your phone.

Outstanding Craftsmanship, Diamond-Cut Frame

The M2's delicate touch is born from a 360° rotating sprinkler that sprays 205# ceramic beads. The final spray, tested more than one hundred times, makes the M2 feel as smooth as silk in your hand.

The dual-diamond metal frame, cut using a 100,000rpm four axis CNC (Computer Numeric Control) and measured with the scientifically precise 128 probes, is a meticulous masterpiece that shines like diamonds.


100+ Fine-sand

Anodized formula


Four-axis CNC

Diamond cutter

28-point CCD Detection position

Handfeel So Natural, You'll Never Want to Let Go

The M2's epic 5.5-inch screen gives you a mammoth viewing experience, but feels compact in your hand. The obsessively crafted mid frame nubiArc and natural grip is human engineering at its finest.



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