A Phone with DSLR-like Photography Functions

Brand new NeoVision™ 5.0

Thanks to upgrades of both hardware and software, the nubia Z9 Max offers an all-new and improved photography experience

More Powerful
16MP Camera

The nubia Z9 Max is equipped with a Sony® IMX234 Exmor RS™ stacked image sensor camera consisting of six-piece precise optical lens, a centered low-power motor and a blue glass hybrid filter in order to provide an all-new and improved photographic experience.

Preserve Memorable Preserve Memorable

With a wide ƒ/2.0 aperture, and a 0.38 inch CMOS sensor, the nubia Z9 Max can capture the finest details, even in low-light settings.

  • Widest aperture
    ƒ/ 2.0
  • CMOS
    1/2.6 inch
ISO 50 ƒ/2.0 1/3000 photo by nubia Z9

Shoot the Best of Yourself

Inspired by principles of architecture and the intuitive design of the human skeleton, the nubia Z9 Max has a rock-solid frame designed to offer the best protection possible for the components inside.

Professional-quality Photography Becomes Accessible for Everyone

The Z9 Max makes it possible for all users to take professional-quality photos wherever they take their smartphone.

Capture Life’s Most Memorable Moments and Candid Expressions

Thanks to the optimization of core components, the Z9 Max now has increased shutter speed and reduced startup and focusing time, providing for the smoothest smartphone photography experience yet.

Independent Focus Light Metering Independent White Balance

The Z9 Max's independent focus, light metering, and pioneering independent white balance technologies create a DSLR-like experience that fits in your pocket.

Electronic Aperture Revolutionary Innovation

The aperture of the Z9 Max can be manually set to as low as ƒ/44 using the "Electronic Aperture" function. Coupled with a wide range of exposure times, the Z9 Max is the new milestone for smartphone photography.

Star Track Camera

The nubia Z9 Max is a smartphone that can be used to shoot the stars. With the innovative Bulb function, you can now use your nubia smartphone to capture images of the star track. Meanwhile, it provides a simple function of Star Track Camera to users.

Experience these New Functions Now

NeoVision™ 5.0 makes the professional photography experience accessible to amateur users, and offers professional photographers a smartphone camera that is finally comparable with a DSLR.


Technical specifications

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