The Smooth Hand Feel Makes You Hardly Tear Yourself Away From It

The smooth hand feel starts from your palm. The surface glass extends down along the edges to form an elegant arc and precisely links with the Anodic Aluminum Oxide middle frame.

Diligent and Persistent · More Solid Framework

Inspired by principles of architecture and the intuitive design of the human skeleton, the nubia Z9 Max has a rock-solid frame designed to offer the best protection possible for the components inside.

Best Selections
Top-quality Materials

In order to design a solid frame on nubia Z9 Max, we finally decided to adopt the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy materials with low density but high intensity. Meanwhile, it features excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

  • Aluminium
    LR30 Plate
  • Thinner
  • Lighter
nubia Z11 mini

Elaborate Molding on Every Piece of Artwork

The sophisticated process contains CNC carving procedure with a total of 90 specially-designed milling cutters.

Customized carving tools 30+
Refining treatment 0.80mm
Milling and Grinding 16000r/min

Best Suit Your Hands Hold the aRC-shaped Edges

In order to work out a method that best suits your palm, we have performed repeated experiments, investigations and researches on hundreds of hand-hold devices and found out the most comfortable arc for your palm on 5.5 inch smartphones.

Concentration SILK-like Haptic Sensation

Grinding the edges with the 205# Zircon sand grains, continuously spraying with 16 ejection guns for 720 seconds at 360° to work out the skin-like sensations.

Diameter of 205# Zircon sand grains 0.065mm
Sand spraying and grinding gun 16
Covering Range 360°

Smooth Feel Just Like Ceramics

Performing three anodic oxidation and coloring experiments, more than 100 tests on different colors just to work out the ceramic anti-abrasion surface.

Bend Your Fingers to Touch the Delicate Product

In order to guarantee the holding feel and smooth feel of edges, firstly go through 22-points precise positioning, then perform one-time high-speed polishing machine using CNC to engrave with the diamond tip, and finally perform second oxidation to the 0.65mm chamfer to form a protection layer.

Multi-point high-accuracy positioning 22
Milling and Grinding 100,000 r/min


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