Z11 mini S

Give life your best shot

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23MP Rear Camera
Mobile Photography Expert

23MP Rear Camera

Sony IMX318 Sensor


Rapid Focus

13MP Front Camera

Beautify Selfies with Fill Lighting

Photography System

NeoVision 6
Camera Family

Multi Exposure

Light Painting

Electronic Aperture

Slow Shutter

Star Trail



Video Maker




Macro Camera


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Metal Unibody

Quality Within Reach

Three Striking Colors for You to Choose

An Exquisitely Crafted Masterpiece

The metal frame is made of 6000 series Aluminum Alloy with matte and frosting surfaces.The exquisitely crafted back arc and 2.5D arc glass screen make the Z11 miniS a perfect fit in your hand.

High-speed polishing at 100,000 rounds/min

Five-axis CNC, crafted with high precision carving

A body made of 98% metal

A Stunning 5.2" Full-HD Screen

With full lamination in-cell screen technology, the Z11 miniS's bright screen depicts striking, vivid images so clear and sharp it's as if they're rising out of your phone.

Full Lamination

In-cell screen technology


Full-HD Resolution


Pixel density


High brightness

Multi-Functional Fingerprint Recognition

Unlock, capture screenshots, take photos and validate your fingerprint with a single touch.

  • Fingerprint Unlock
  • Fingerprint Screenshot
  • Fingerprint Shutter

Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-Core Processor

Chip-Powered Lightning Speed

  • Snapdragon 625
    Octa-Core 64-bit processor
  • 14nm
    Processing with low power
  • Adreno 506
    PC-level image processor
  • 2.0GHz
    High main frequency


Massive Storage
Quick Storing Time

  • 4GB + 64GB
    RAM            ROM
  • eMMC5.1 high-speed RAM
    up to 200GB storage expansion

Operating System

nubia UI 4.0
New Design, New Interaction

FiT 2.0 Transforms Your Phone

nubia FiT 2.0 creates a new interactive dimension. Control your phone with touch on the edges of the screen. With your fingertips, you can trigger interactive responses including adjusting brightness, switching between apps in the background, returning to your last used page and clearing apps running in the background.

Split Up the Screen Anyway You Like

You can quickly and conveniently split the screen into two by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. The screen will be split into the upper and lower sections in portrait mode, and into left and right sections in landscape mode. The Z11 miniS's split screen feature supports most third party apps.

Work and Life on One Phone

With the ability to have two accounts on one phone, you can manage different sides of your life with ease. Supports popular apps, including WhatsApp and Facebook.

Long Screenshot

When you want to share insightful articles or funny pictures with friends, the long screenshot feature helps you to capture everything as you scroll down the screen with one click. You can customize the length of your capture, free draw on the image as you want and cover sensitive content with a mosaic blur.

Free Snapshot

The Z11 miniS Free Snapshot feature fills your shots with creativity and fun. The heart-shaped snapshot shows your love. With freehand drawing, you can let your imagination fly and share your work with friends.

Screen Recording

Exciting games and matches, touching movies...,The screen recording feature allows you to share these wonderful moments to Google Drive or YouTube.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Say Goodbye to Daily Charging

Abnormal operations of some apps, such as autostarting in the background or associated autostarts may cause vast power consumption. nubia's patented high power efficiency technology, NeoPower, prevents this kind of unnecessary power consumption and reduces the run time of systems and apps, providing a smooth user experience while reducing power consumption.

  • Average standby time: 12 days
  • Calls: 33 hours
  • Daily usage: 2.3 days

Note: the data above is based on tests conducted in our laboratories. Power efficiency may vary based on actual usage.

Z11 miniS Battery Life Data Curve

Note: the data above is based on tests conducted in our laborat

Dual SIM Dual Stand-By
Interchangeable SIM Card Slots

Simultaneous Dual Sim & SD Card supports

Nano SIM+Nano SIM or Nano SIM + Micro SD.

Support from local service providers is needed to use VoLTE.