The Only Camera You'll Need to Carry

The rear camera uses SONY's flagship IMX298 CMOS Sensor, with 16 Megapixels, PDAF phase focus, Local Tone Mapping and a DTI pixel isolation technique, allowing the Z11 Max to take professional photos without bulky traditional camera equipment.




Flagship CMOS Sensor

Sapphire Glass

Protective Lens




Phase Detection Auto-Focus

Quick Focus, Instant Freeze Frame

Using an advanced Closed-Loop Motor combined with PDAF Phase Detection Focus, bringing you faster focus speeds.


Faster Focus Speed



NeoVision 5.9

More than Professional

nubia has achieved professional-grade photography on a mobile phone, with our famed electronic aperture, light painting, star trail and other innovations; successfully building a set of professional and yet fun-to-operate nubia photography system - NeoVision. We continuously strive for excellence in mobile photography! Once again, we're giving you new ways to express via photography.

Photo with Real-Time Filter
Simple Fun with Colors

We have all seen our friends' photos of scenery, food and selfies a thousand times; it is now time to dazzle them with something creative. The Z11 max rear camera is equipped with a variety of special effects filters - Mucha, Fisheye, Film, Miniature and more, letting you take fresh and exciting photos. What's more, you can see the filter effect in real time before you take your snapshot to get the best photo.

Self-Timing Video,Real-Time Beautification

Showcase your Natural Beauty

The Z11 Max front camera is equipped with real-time beautification filter, so whether it is a selfie or video call you will look stunning. You can engage the light compensation function when shooting in low-light environment, at the click of shutter the screen is automatically lit up and adjust the best softening light, making your selfies vibrantly colorful with a more natural skin tone.


Front Camera


Pixel Size




Wide Angle



DTI Pixel Isolation Technique

Purer Photos

Stong contre-jour makes your image look dull; this is because strong against-the-light condition causes pixels to interfere with each other and lower the overall sharpness of the photo. DTI (Deep Trench Isolation) pixel isolation allows accurate rendering of colors to decrease these interferences and increase the authenticity of original colors.

Local Tone Mapping

The Darkest Details are still Visible

LTM (Local Tone Mapping) adds brightness to the darker parts of photos even in contre-jour conditions, showing details that otherwise would have been hidden in the under-exposed parts while avoiding over-exposure in highlights, so you get quicker snapshots with better quality!

3D Noise Reduction

Making the Night Pure

3D Noise Reduction technology captures crisp and clear photos at night, reducing noise to an almost-zero level. It's photo magic through powerful software algorithm.

Hand-held Image Stabilization

Often, when we take photos, we meet with unfavourable natural lighting circumstances requiring long exposures or multi exposure. nubia developed a HIS technology through advanced image-stabilization software. The photo above employs the clone camera function: it simply requires you to hold the camera in the same posture and click the shutter every time the model changes position. After 4 clicks you get a photo filled to the brim with creativity. Clone camera is an impressive display of HIS technology, making it easy to do creative photography.

Time-Lapse Photography