Big Screen, Big Difference

A large screen is not enough to showcase the uniqueness of the nubia Z11 Max. Excellent screen, amazing battery life, easy-to-use fingerprint recognition, immersive HiFi music… it's different in every way.

Brilliant and Exquisite Screen
Right Before Your Eyes

Super AMOLED screen gives you a wider visual angle, and the details on your screen are literally right at your fingertips. In addition, the color display is pure and accurate, and the colors are dazzling. The 368PPI display accuracy, is 13% higher than retina screen (326PPI).

6.0 inch

Super AMOLED screen

100% NTSC

Color saturation

368 PPI

Display accuracy

nubia Fast Charge
Great Compatibility & Efficiency

nubia fast charge is compatible with most common chargers on the market; you won't have to worry about forgetting to bring your charger out. Intelligent charging chip ensures relatively stable battery charging voltage. When charging speed is increased, temperature of the battery is greatly reduced, and battery life is increased.


Bid Farewell to Daily Charging

We believe that building a long life experience requires optimizing both the "topline" and the "bottomline". "Topline" means it is equipped with a high density battery, providing sufficient power; "Bottomline" means it features high-performance-yet-low-power-consumption hardware and better system optimization, reducing additional power consumption. This is the nubia NeoPower power saving technology. The Z11 Max is equipped with 4000mAh large battery, power-saving screen, low-power-consumption CPU, coupled with excellent system optimization, making daily charging obsolete.

System Level Power Saving

Comprehensive Management of Application Behavior

The main reason for high power consumption on phones is because some mobile applications are not closed and continue running in the background. nubia analyses user habits, and devloped four stages (start-up | in use | background | quit) to form a systematic analysis and optimization. nubia uses a patented power saving algorithm to control the abnormal power consumption behavior of mobile applications.

Carrier Aggregation

Dual Sim Dual Standby Coverage

Z11 Max has been upgraded to support Cat 6 network. Satisfactionand freedom with dual sim, dual standby coverage.

1. Choose 2 from 3 card slots, supports Nano-SIM card + Nano-SIM card or Nano-SIM card + Micro-SD extended memory card.
2. When utilizing double Nano-SIM cards, any card slot can be set as the main card; when one card is being used for data services connecting to the Internet, the other can only be used for the voice calls.
3. Availability of this service requires support from local service providers.

Fingerprint Recognition

More than Just a Few Uses

A small fingerprint, a wide range of uses. Use your fingerprint to begin a new interaction.

Unlock your phone
through fingerprint
Take a photo
through fingerprint
through fingerprint

Music in HiFi

Powerful External Speakers

HiFi utilises WCD9335 audio chip, producing cinema Dolby 7.1 surround sound effect. Incorporates loud speakers with smart advanced PA technology, giving greater surging volume.

7.1 Dolby

Surround Sound


Audio decoder


digitial to analog conversion

smart PA

Power Amplifier


sampling rate

VoLTE The Future has Arrived

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology enables voice calls with higher sound quality and fewer delays than conventional voice calls, which means that users can reduce the amount of time spent waiting to connect. VoLTE also supports video calls, making it possible to communicate face-to-face, no matter how far away you are from the people you call.

Note: Availability of this service requires support from local service providers