Z11 Max

Harmonic Combination of Metal and Glass

After thousands of rounds of testing and fine-tuning, we have finally created the perfect cambered surface that perfectly fits the shape of your hand, and combined it with the Z11 Max's luminescent, colorful screen to achieve it's flawless design.

nubiArc 4.0

The Beauty of Curves

nubiArc 4.0 optimizes curves and refines every inch and measurement to give you that smooth, finished feel that sits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy
Light and Strong

The Z11 Max's metal frame is made of light, durable 6000 series Aluminum Alloy. It's both light-weight and strong, resistant to corrosion and oxidation, with enhanced durability while maintaining a smooth, finished feel.

Fine Milling, Polishing, Sand Blasting, Oxidation

from Roughness to Fine Art

In order to guarantee both the grip and smooth feel of edges, it first goes through a 21-point precision CNC milling, followed by a high-speed machine polishing, then from sand blasting to anodic oxidation, crafting an ordinary piece of metal in an extraordinary back chasis. A true metamorphosis from roughness into fine art.

nubia UI

All New Upgrade

To create a UI suitable for large screen mobile phone control system, we painstakingly experimented and eventually developed a UI system, which is outstanding regardles of visual experience or human-computer interaction.

New Visual Experience

We added light and color to the current popular flat design concept, but maintained it's superior quality. We focused on the details to create visual enjoyment, letting your emotions resonate and allowing you to see beyond...

Split Screen 2.0

In order to create more flexibility, we upgraded nubia's split screen to Split Screen 2.0. You can quickly and conveniently split the screen into two by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. The screen will be split into the upper and lower sections in portrait mode, and into left and right sections in landscape mode. It's supported by almost all third-party applications.

Super Screenshot

Camera within the Screen

You can enable Super Screenshot by holding the fingerprint recognition sensor, or holding the Power and Volume-keys at the same time. Share your screen image instantaneously in a text, picture or video.

• Automatic cross-window long screenshot makes sharing more convenient.
• Make sure your screenshots get noticed with rectangular, oval and heart-shaped screenshots. Or use your finger to hand-draw unique shapes or add Fun Graffiti to the screenshot.
•Record videos of the operations you perform on screen and generate an 1080P/720P video clips for easy uploading and sharing.

Long Screenshot
Free Snapshot
Screen Recording

nubia UI

Flat-Design + Skeuomorphism