nubia Z11


Bezel-less Vision Endless Beauty  

Breakthroughs born through boundless imagination. nubia Z11, a bezel-less phone,
stands apart. Behold the beauty of futuristic technology.

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FiT 2.0
A new dimension of

Watch the FiT 2.0 video

nubia FiT 2.0 reveals a new dimension for interaction, you can control your phone
through the screen edges. On the bezel-less screen, art and technology blend in
as your fingertips trigger interactive responses.

NeoVision 6.0

One Small Step for nubia
A Giant Leap for Mobile Photography

Combining HIS (Hand-held Image Stabilization) technology with Electronic Aperture, NeoVision 6.0 empowers you to shoot DSLR-quality photos without the aid of additional photography equipment. Applying HIS technology to the Panorama Camera creates a clearer, more magnificient picture in one seamless shot, as you move your camera across the distance. In a breakthrough for camera filters, nubia enables both front and rear cameras to apply real-time filters on pictures and videos.

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*Shot with NeoVision

Hand-held Electronic Aperture

The Newest Breakthrough in
Mobile Photography

nubia's Hand-held Electronic Aperture is taking mobile photography to new heights. Capture soft, misty river flows, or gently swaying leaves on branches with nubia's Electronic Aperture and HIS technology. A long exposure masterpiece can be shot by hand, without the fear of vibration.

Power Efficiency
Bid Farewell to Daily Charging

Thanks to nubia's new power efficiency technology - NeoPower 2.0, the nubia Z11 provides up to 2 days of battery life with a 7.5mm slim body and 3000mAh battery capacity. NeoPower 2.0 comprehensively manages the power consumption of your phone, optimizing the battery for maximum potential.

Note: 2 days battery life determined by laboratory testing, based on medium usage under a specific set
of conditions and may vary during use depending on actual conditions.

Do What You
Want with a
Powerful Chipset

  • Snapdragon 820
  • 64-bit
  • Adreno 530
  • 2.15GHz
    Main Frequency

Save Whatever
You Want
with Massive
Storage Space

  • Black Gold Edition
    6GB + 64GB
    RAM            ROM
  • Standard Edition
    4GB + 64GB
    RAM            ROM
  • LPDDR4 high-speed RAM, up to 200GB storage expansion.

Dual-Antenna Support
Brings Connections Closer

With the Qualcomm® TruSignal™ Multi-Antenna Boost, nubia Z11 makes call quality 30% better and data transmission speed 40% faster. Phone calls feel closer, and last longer, with 20% less power consumption.




Call Quality


Data Transmission
Speed Improvement


Lower Power

Exquisitely Crafted

A vibrant screen surrounded by a slim, sleek body with round and flowing lines - the nubia Z11 is a work of mastery in your hands.