nubia UI 4.0

Beyond Your Imagination

Double click
the edge

Quickly back

Swipe up/down
from the edge

Switch apps, start apps

Swipe repeatedly
from the edge

Accelerate your phone

Swipe from
both edges

Adjust brightness

Hold the edge and
swipe inward

Quickly select your desktop

Interaction Reaches
a New Dimension

The nubia Z11's bezel-less screen is a breakthrough in visual effects and interaction.
It opens up a new dimension for experiencing the digital world.

Watch the FiT 2.0 video


Customized Functions

The same gestures can be used for different functions.
Customize your own interactive rules as you like.

Split Up the Screen
Anyway You Like

You can quickly and conveniently split the screen into two by swiping up from the
bottom of the screen. The screen will be split into the upper and lower sections
in portrait mode, and into left and right sections in landscape mode.

Super Screenshot

A Camera Inside Your Screen

You can enable Super Screenshot by holding the fingerprint recognition sensor, or holding the Power and Volume-keys at the same time. Share your screen image instantaneously in a text, picture or video.

• Automatic cross-window long screenshot makes sharing more convenient.
• Make sure your screenshots get noticed with rectangular, oval and heart-shaped screenshots. Or use your finger to hand-draw unique shapes or add Fun Graffiti to the screenshot.
• Record videos of the operations you perform on screen and generate an 1080P/720P video clips for easy uploading and sharing.

Long Screenshot
Free Snapshot
Screen Recording