The Relentless Pursuit
of Excellence is Driven
By a Craftsman's
Unerring Standards

Revolutionary aRC 2.0 technology opens up a new, bezel-less vision.

aRC 2.0
Breakthrough Boundaries

The 2.5D arc glass screen creates a beautifully transparent, bezel-less visual effect.

Watch the aRC 2.0 Video

2.5D Screen Brings
the Bezel-less Visual Effect to Life

Combining nubia Z11's bezel-less design with 2.5D aRC Edge Corning® Gorilla® Glass, the phone seems to present the contents above the screen when you view from the side. Corning® Gorilla® Glass provides solid protection to your phone.

Reliable Performance Guaranteed

The metal frame of nubia Z11 is made of light and durable 6000 series Aluminum Alloy. The buffering layer between the screen's glass and metal frame protect your phone against accidental drop damage. The nubia Z11 has undergone severe drop tests based on European and American standards.

5.5" Screen
with 5" Handfeel

With a bezel-less design, the nubia Z11 is 7.5mm thin. The 5.5-inch nubia Z11 will feel as compact as a 5" phone in your hand.

A Designer's Ingenuity

One-time CNC molding technology showcases the spirit of workmanship. Design elegance shines in nubia Z11's exquisite metal body. Double-sided curve design blends style and a unique sensation.