Legendary Black Gold
Extraordinarily Bold

nubia's premier processing technology, a sleek pairing of calm black and royal gold, and a stunning new design combine to bring you the extraordinary, luxurious nubia Z11 Black Gold edition, the new legendary phone.

Note:Product colour, shape, interface and functions are for reference only. The actual product may vary.

Macro Camera

Completeness that's more than the sum of its parts

NeoVision 6.1 features a new photo feature - macro camera: use your nubia to shoot remarkable macro photos with a brand new angle to record your world. There are 3 focus modes and 4 shutter modes, allowing macro shots to focus quickly and accurately. When combined with nubia's self-developed magnification and peaking focus assistance functions, this new feature allows you to set up the perfect macro shot almost instantly, giving you a more detailed view of the world than you thought imaginable, where small details can look enormously great.

Micro view of the world
Always ahead of others

3 Focus Modes

auto focus
manual focus
default focus

4 Shutter Modes

Touch-screen Shutter
Releasing Shutter
Manual Shutter
Timed Burst Mode

Time-Lapse Photography