nubia N1

Farewell to Daily Charging

Super Battery Life
Farewell to Daily Charging

The nubia N1 is equipped with nubia's new battery technology - NeoPower, which combines a 5000mAh battery, excellent system optimization, low power consumption and high performance hardware to achieve a battery life of 3 days with medium-duty usage. The nubia N1, the ultimate tool of long-lasting power.

Note: The above data is based on tests conducted in our laboratories,
results may vary based on actual usage.

Mobile Photography Expert

13MP front and rear camera

The rear 13MP camera is equipped with PDAF phase focus. With a rapid capture speed of 0.2 seconds, you'll never have to worry about missing the perfect shot. Features: 3D noise reduction technology, low-light image enhancement, hand-held image stabilization, DSLR quality digital imaging, LTM regional color control, accurate photo color restoration. The front-facing 13 MP camera is equipped real time beautification filter, and intelligent lighting, capturing every detail of beauty.


3GB RAM provides seamless multitasking. The 64GB ROM allows you to simultaneously store: 5000 16MP photos + 1000 high-res songs + 5 hours HD videos. It also comes with an extra card slot that can add up to an additional 128GB of storage, for a massive amount of storage capacity and freedom.

  • RAM
    3GB RAM
  • ROM
    64GB ROM
  • Up to 128GB
    storage expansion

Strong, Calm. 8-core 64bit Processors

Equipped with an MTK Helio P10 processor + 8-core built-in 64-bit A53 structure, get ready to unleash the N1's extraordinary power and performance, capable of handling demanding 3D games with ease. Depending on the type and load of the task, it can intelligently allocate work to the CPU and GPU, reducing unnecessary core operations, optimizing power consumption, and preventing overheating.

*Interface uses official movie poster for 'World of Warcraft'

Metal Body Cambered Design Smooth Texture and Contour

When you first hold the N1, you'll be amazed by its sleekness. It's made out of an aviation-grade aluminium alloy, and crafted with an integrated metal processing technology. After thousands of rounds of testing and fine-tuning, we finally created the perfect cambered surface that perfectly fits the shape of your hand. You can tangibly feel the superior texture quality of the exquisite metal case in your hand.

Fingerprint Recognition
One Step Ahead of the Pack

Equipped with fingerprint recognition, a rapid 0.2 second unlock, the N1 is one step ahead of the competition. It also includes convienent fingerprint screenshot and photo features; a small fingerprint with a wide range of uses. Use your fingerprint to open a whole new world of interactions.

5.5inch Full HD screen

A Treat to Your Viewing Pleasure

Watching videos and playing games on a 5.5" FHD screen makes a big difference. The screen always looks crisp, clear, and tremendously detailed with a display accuracy of up to 401PPI.


FHD screen




Pixel density

Hand-held Electronic Aperture

A True Breakthrough in Photography

nubia's hand-held electronic aperture comes with Hand-held Image Stabilization technology, empowering you to take professional-quality long-exposure photos without a tripod.

Photo with Real-Time Filter
Simple Fun with Colors

We've all seen our friends' photos of scenery, food and selfies a thousand times; it's time to blow all their pics away with something creative. The N1 rear camera is equipped with a variety of special effects filters, including: Mucha, Fisheye, Film, Miniature etc. Just select a filter before snapping a shot for some truly inspiring results!

Super Screenshot

Camera Within the Screen

You can enable Super Screenshot by holding the fingerprint sensor, or holding the Power and Volume-keys at the same time. Share your screen image instantaneously in a text, picture or video.

• Automatic cross-window long screenshot makes sharing more convenient.
• Make sure your screenshots get noticed with rectangular, oval and heart-shaped screenshots. Or use your finger to hand-draw unique shapes or add Fun Graffiti to the screenshot.
•Record videos of the operations you perform on screen and generate an 1080P/720P video clips for easy uploading and sharing.

Long Screenshot
Free Snapnshot
Screen Recording

Split your screen
Whenever you want

nubia's powerful screen split-up function supports almost all third-party applications. You can quickly and conveniently split the screen into two by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. The screen will be split into the upper and lower sections in portrait mode, and into left and right sections in landscape mode.

Carrier Compatability

Dual SIM Standby Coverage

Supports the world's leading 4G network providers, with a dual Standby SIM access system. It's also been upgraded to support the Cat 6 network and VoLTE high-definition voice call.

1. Choose 2 from 3 card slots, supports dual Nano-SIM cards or a Nano-SIM card + a Micro-SD extended memory card.
2. When using dual Nano-SIM cards, any card slot can be set as the main card, but when one card is using data services on the Internet, the other is limited to phone calls.
3. Cat 6 / VoLTE requires local operators' support.

nubia UI 4.0

Smart and Colorful Immersive Design

nubia UI finds a balance between elegent simplicity in flat design and novel Skeuomorphism design, full of bright colors and clever interactions, full of life. With completely overhauled system optimization, nubia UI is smoother than ever before.